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Hello everyone. It is with great excitement that I introduce our new website. The website will be an amazing resource of new developments at MPI as well as the accomplishments of you, our students. As always, our faculty and staff are incredibly dedicated and caring people which bodes well for both teamwork and continued success. Our mission statement is to provide quality education at an affordable price and I am so proud to be Dean of a school that stays true to those principles in this day and age. I would like to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge our Administrator who is responsible for the above philosophy.

I am equally proud of our student body who continue to perform outstandingly on the boards and subsequently become prime representatives in our community of competent, caring and accomplished nurses.

I look forward to a prosperous year and working together with you to keep MPI an amazing school.

Rochelle L. Lefler, RN, JD, LHRM, CHEP
Dean of Academics


Medical Prep Institute is committed to helping those individuals who took the courage to face this hard undertaking. Our aim is to mold them to become the best they can be by offering comprehensive, yet, fulfilling learning experiences throughout their daily feat for knowledge.

  • RN to BSN

    Provides the academic knowledge and skills necessary to advance in the nursing field

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  • Nursing(Associate of Science in Nursing)

    An associates degree program that builds from practical nursing coursework

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  • Practical Nursing

    A diploma program in the nursing field

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  • Distance Education

    Offer programs such as ASN and BSN programs

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Students may be required to attend a portion of their program at various medical facilities to complete program specific clinical/externship requirements.

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